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Community Engagement & Transparency

As the top law enforcement agency in the County, the District Attorney’s Office's ability to do its job and keep the community safe starts with building trust. Under Gordon’s leadership, the District Attorney’s Office has become a national leader in community engagement and transparency. 


The 8th Judicial District is both large and diverse and from day one, Gordon has been traversing Larimer and Jackson counties to hear from as many people as he can about the issues important to them and let them know our DA’s office is here to serve and support.

Gordon has presented to civic groups and at senior citizen centers, partnered with non-profits, collaborated with cultural organizations, and in 2023 presented an annual update to every town council and board in the district. 


Gordon launched the DA Data Transparency Project in 2022, a nation-leading public-facing data project that for the very first time allows the community to understand and analyze what the DA office does. The project is also being used internally to improve data-driven decision-making and identify and mitigate inefficiencies and inequalities within the criminal justice system. 

Gordon also developed the inaugural District Attorney Citizens’ Academy in 2022 to engage with community members and allow them to see what the dedicated staff at the DA’s office do. The class was fully booked in its first two years and will be back again in 2024. Gordon also published the first-ever DA Annual Report in 2023, ushering in a new era of accountability.  

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