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Progressive Criminal Justice Reform

Gordon has been a leader on new ways to reform our criminal justice system in a way that ensures social justice and criminal justice are not at odds. 


He rewrote the district's officer use of force review policy so more cases are being independently reviewed and held police officers accountable for unnecessary use of force when they broke the law. 

Gordon introduced diversity, equity and inclusion trainings in the DA's office to combat bias and developed an innovative data project to identify and mitigate disparities in the criminal justice system


He also created a robust and successful adult diversion program, introduced restorative justice, and prioritized alternatives to incarceration and treatment options.


The creation of the 8th JD Competency Docket, designed to assist individuals with serious mental health challenges; his work with multiple opioid treatment and education boards; and the DA’s office specialized behavioral health diversion tracts are just a few of the areas where Gordon’s leadership on mental health and substance abuse treatment have already had huge positive impacts on the fairness and effectiveness of our justice system.   

Progressive crmina justice

Community Safety

Community safety

Gordon’s top priority as District Attorney is to keep our community safe. That is why his office has worked tirelessly to get justice for victims and focus on violent crime. 

This includes tackling gun crimes head on and achieving significant results on violent cases; instituting training to focus on bias motivated crime prosecution; fighting the fentanyl epidemic by prosecuting those killing members of our community with the drug, and successfully drafting and advocating for laws at our State Capital that will protect victims crime.

Gordon collaborates with law enforcement, municipal, County and State government, and our community to ensure that we are building a community we all feel safe to live in.


Supporting Reproductive Rights

When the supreme court struck down Roe, Gordon immediately stood up for what is right, pledging he will not prosecute women or doctors for reproductive healthcare choices. Gordon knows that a woman’s right to make her own decisions on healthcare must be protected at all costs and that criminalizing these choices will make it less likely someone will call for help in an emergency or report a sexual assault. 

At the heart of the pursuit of justice is the furtherance of policies and practices that protect the well-being and safety of all members of our community. Gordon will continue to advocate for expanding protections for healthcare providers and will hold bad actors accountable for their actions.


Gordon knows that the number one preventable crime we must address is gun violence in our communities. As District Attorney, Gordon has worked to help implement and expand our state’s red flag law to prevent those in crisis from having access to firearms and deescalate dangerous situations; and he developed restorative justice programming to educate juveniles on the impact of gun violence.


Gordon supported local gun buyback programs and backed state legislation to create safe gun storage requirements to keep guns out of the hands of our kids. In his next term, Gordon will continue to work to end gun violence and keep our schools and communities safe.  

Gun Safety

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